Happy New Year

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and is looking forward to 2014 like we are. Cold weather is definitely upon us with near freezing temperatures daily and light snow here and there. We are all done with our shrinkwrapping for the year – we appreciate everyones patience, our pace is dictated by the weather and as many of you know it can be merciless.

We have a couple of on-going winter projects – we are continuing with the breakwater rebuild and finalizing some of the repairs made to the various docks affected by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

We ask that all of you to please submit your email address to us using the form on our website. We are attempting to limit our mailings and use a more streamlined electronic approach to contacting all our customers. Additionally, we are trying to make this website a useful resource for all of you. Please use our survey form to tell us how we can improve the website and make it a more valuable resource for all of you.

We are open throughout the winter – if you’re in the area stop by, grab a cup of coffee and tell us how we can better serve you.

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