Jackson’s Marina – Past to Present…

It was 1957 when brothers Gordon and Ken Jackson took on the challenge of creating a marina facility dedicated to the boating community of eastern Long Island. Jackson’s Marina began on a low lying sandy peninsula with merely one dock and two buildings that over the years has developed into a 7 acre, 200-slip full service marine center on the Southeast corner of Shinnecock Canal.

For over 50 years the Jackson family has been serving and maintaining the marine community to develop a superior reputation in the Northeast boating industry. Over those years visitors to the marina have heard the sounds of lifts and electric sanders sounding the start to the season.

The original store at Jackson’s Marina provided the local young and old common ground to talk about cruising the local waters, the shark and tuna bite offshore or the news creating the latest stir in the World. Despite the varying conversations they all had at least one thing in common, a boat.

Constant development of the peninsula land allowed Gordon and Ken’s marina vision to evolve from 100-slips up to the number at which it stands at today, 200-slips. The ever increasing size of the facility demanded more time and increasing amounts of sweat.

Several key facility and equipment upgrades have allowed us to grow and diversify our overall capabilities. Over the years our hauling capabilities have increased from 18 ton up to 75 ton. We have increased the number of travel-lifts from one 18-ton lift in the early 1960’s to 3 lifts by the early 1990’s, with the addition of a 35 ton lift and a 75 ton lift providing us with a much needed boost in overall haulage. Revitalization of several bulkheads has allowed us to use new materials and regain key acreage to increase our outdoor dry storage capacity.

In the early 1980’s one of the most iconic parts of Jackson’s Marina was built, the Marine Store. From that point on the store has continued to provide a place for the marina community to converse and reminisce about past and present summers.

The annual “Rock the Dock” party with a Reggae band and plenty of barbequed food added to the 1990’s marina social scene. Along with the constant source of activity and conversation, the Marine Store serves several key purposes. The upper floor houses our marina offices, the lower floor serves as our fully stocked marine store allowing customers to purchase materials for significant repairs or quick fixes. It’s still a great place to grab the first cup of coffee and load the boat up for a day out on the water. The store continues to handle Jackson’s Marina summer and winter hustle bustle and provides a warm welcome or pleasant farewell to those boaters using Shinnecock Canal.

Along with the new millennium, 2000 brought some more additions to the marina. We added a 15,000 lb. Wiggin’s Marina Bull marine forklift to our equipment list. This lift is capable of hauling a majority of our customers docked in Abes Cove. To complement the addition of our marine forklift we added a 36-boat capacity rack system providing customers with high and dry boat storage during the summer and winter months. In 2000 we doubled our indoor storage capacity with the construction of two new buildings. This additional indoor space has provided Jackson’s Marina with some much needed room for year round fiberglass, wood and paint repairs.

Over the years Jackson’s Marina has experienced several changes; however one thing that has not changed is the family that created it. We, the Jackson family, still run the marina with pride and excellence continually striving to add to the reputation we have developed over the past 51 years, and we will continue to do so for years to come.


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