Getting to Jackson’s Marina…

By Water

Accessing Jackson’s Marina via Shinnecock Inlet is fairly straight forward, however it can be tricky at times depending on the tides. Refer to the image on the right; the primary course is highlighted yellow.

After passing through the inlet and making the bend east, you’ll enter what is commonly referred to as “East Cut”. The channel is well marked but can be narrow with oncoming boat traffic. There is sufficient depth in the channel but don’t drift out of the marked channel because you’ll loose depth fast!

After passing flashing green marker “7” your outside of the cut and you have roughly 10 feet of water at mean low tide on your way to flashing green marker “29”.

You’ll again have to navigate a fairly narrow channel while zig-zagging between green marker “29”, red marker “30” and green marker “32”. Continue to head North toward red marker “32”.

You begin to approach Shinnecock Canal after passing red marker “32” and you’ll have to reduce your speed to 5-mph while in the canal. Boaters are tempted to cut flashing red marker “34”, DON’T! There is very little water to the east side of marker “34”, there is sufficient depth to the west side.

After rounding flashing red marker “34” you are in Shinnecock Canal and Jackson’s Marina is on the east side. Mean low water is approximately 15 feet. Currents of approximately 10-knots are experienced from just after high tide until low tide due to the canal’s flood gates being open.

By Train

Long Island Railroad (LIRR) provides daily service to Hampton Bays from New York’s Penn Station.

For more information visit the LIRR’s website at:

By Bus

The Hampton Jitney provides daily service to Hampton Bays from New York City.

For more information visit the Hampton Jitney’s website at:

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