Product Sales at Jackson’s Marina

Kohler Marine Power Authorized Dealer

For years Jackson’s Marina has been an authorized dealer of Kohler Marine Power products.

Kohler provides a full selection of low-CO gas and smooth, quiet-running diesel generators and support equipment, backed by the most impressive support network on land or sea, and designed by those who know how boaters like to use them.

Visit or call the marina office @ (631) 728-4220 for pricing.

Used Boat Listing

Jackson’s Marina has an extensive list of used boats for sale. If you’re interested in having your boat listed on our website contact the marina office (631) 728-4220.

Click here to view the latest list of used boats available @ Jackson’s Marina

Jackson’s Marina Marine Store

In addition to the full line of marine products available in the marine store, the store offers Jackson’s Marina T’s, Long Sleeve T’s, Burgees, etc. Both short and long sleeve t-shirts are available in several sizes. Short sleeve t-shirts come in a wide variety of colors while long sleeve t-shirts are only available in white.

$12.00 / shirt

$12.00 / shirt

$18.00 / shirt

$18.00 / shirt

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